Bird Dropping on your Car

Birds’ droppings are elements of dirt that can have significant impacts on the paintwork and appearance of your car. The blemish is mainly caused by the paint lacquer’s contraction and hardening that occurs around the areas where the dropping is deposited. While it can be very hectic to prevent birds from dropping their fecal matter onto your car, there are certain ways you can protect your car from the impacts.

Birds can easily drop their fecal matter onto the car in the parking lot or on the road. In order to clearly see the need for immediate and proper removal of bird dropping from your car, it is important that you first know the reasons why bird droppings are bad. Auto experts say that whenever your car is exposed to sunlight, the paint lacquer is warmed up, which makes it to become soft and expand. The same heat generated from the sun rays will dry up the bird droppings, leaving them strongly embedded onto the surfaces.

After the sunlight has gone down, the paint lacquer will begin to cool off. In case the bird droppings have not been removed by then, the paintwork will easily blend in or harden around the areas where they are deposited. As a result of this, the surfaces where bird droppings are deposited will become rough and impact etching of the paintwork. If the car usually spends a lot of time in places experiencing high temperatures and the droppings are not washed off soon, they will become even harder.

Although birds feed on different kinds of things, their droppings can contain harmful substances. This means that if bird droppings are left for a longer period on your car, they can also create other unpleasant conditions. Some auto experts say, bird droppings can easily eat up the clear coating, leaving the paintwork exposed to harsh environmental factors. Besides, bird droppings on your car also makes it look untidy and poorly maintained.

If bird dropping is left to build-up on your car over time, you will always have a very hard time cleaning it. In the event that the droppings have hardened onto the paintwork, you may need to perform various car grooming procedures to bring back the appeal and texture of the surfaces. These could not only take a lot of time to fix but, also cost you a lot of money. But, why take such risks when you can easily prevent the impacts of bird dropping on your car?

How to Address Bird Dropping on your Car

Keeping birds from dropping their fecal matter on your car is not easy and, you may not be able to achieve it. One of the recommended ways for avoiding bird dropping on cars is not parking under trees or areas where there are many birds. However, this can also be tricky, especially if there is not an alternative parking. The most effective approach to addressing bird dropping on cars is making sure that they are always washed off as soon as possible before they dry on the surfaces.

Hand wash is recommended for eliminating bird dropping. If the droppings have not dried out yet, you can simply wipe them off using a soft cloth and water. In case they have dried already, you will need to be very keen when washing to avoid etching or causing damage to the paintwork. The hardened molds should be soaked properly before washing or cleaned using pressurized water.

Car wash with shampoo is the most effective for removing bird dropping on cars. Shampoo is manufactured with a strong formula that can easily break down the droppings and eliminate any harmful compounds that might damage the paintwork and surfaces. After cleaning the car, you should also make sure that your hands are properly washed since bird droppings can contain pathogens like, bacteria.

If the bird droppings are already so deeply entrenched onto the paintwork, washing the surfaces alone may not effectively revive the appearance and texture. Depending on the condition, you might be forced to undertake certain car grooming procedures including, car paint protection treatment and waxing. A good car grooming specialist can help you in determining the most suitable remedy and, also perform the tasks on your behalf.

For small bird droppings, you can easily clean them on your own. If the droppings are deposited on most parts of the car and have been there for some time, professional car wash is the best approach. Car Grooming Singapore offers custom car wash with shampoo and several other car grooming services to preserve the appeal and integrity of your vehicle.