Car Grooming Services

Are you looking for the best car grooming services Singapore? If yes, Car Grooming Singapore offers professional and tailor made car grooming treatments that you should check out. We specialize in a selection of the best car grooming services to effortlessly preserve the value and integrity of every vehicle. Our commitment is provision of custom, dependable and affordable car grooming services for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Contrary to what some motorists usually tend to think, car grooming entails several procedures aimed at cleaning and preservation of car parts and components in the best working conditions. In order to make sure that your car is accorded the best treatment, it is always advisable that you leave the task to our experts. We have the most suitable and lasting car grooming solutions for various car models and types.

Considering the various aspects of car grooming, you need an all-round expert that can effectively handle different treatments. And, that is why our company specializes in diverse car grooming services.

Car Grooming Packages

At Car Service Singapore, we strive to make it much easier for every motorist to get the best car grooming services with unrivaled convenience. With us, there is no limitation to the number of cars or how many times the procedures can be performed. We offer diverse car grooming packages to make sure that all your needs are well covered at home, in the office or even on the road.

Mobile Car Grooming

Despite your location in Singapore, we can always dispatch a mobile car grooming team to work on the vehicle on-site. Compared to other car grooming packages, mobile car grooming could save you a lot of hassles, time and money too.

Residential Car Grooming

In case you do not have the time to drive up to our workshops or just need your vehicle to be groomed in the privacy of your residence, our company offers professional residential car grooming services.

Corporate Car Grooming

We also have a special car grooming package for corporate cars belonging to organizations and companies. Despite the number of cars that your company has, we can schedule and perform the best corporate car grooming services at your convenience.

Commercial Car Grooming

Commercial vehicles are constantly exposed to several vulnerabilities that leave their bodies and interiors very untidy, scratched and worn out. Instead of waiting to incur huge car repair costs, we can deliver regular commercial car grooming services.

Car Wash with Shampoo

Our car wash with shampoo is the best treatment that you can give to your car in order to keep it clean and fresh both inside and outside. We have a selection of top car wash shampoo brands that are safe and easy to use, without any impacts on the paintwork or metallic car components. The shampoo that we use are made with strong formula to effectively drive out grime and dirt from exposed and hidden parts of the vehicle. We always choose the most suitable shampoo for cleaning every car for outstanding results.

Carpet Vacuum, Wash with Shampoo

The carpet of your car usually accumulates a lot of dirt not only from the passengers but, also the road and various interior parts of the car. Due to this, it can easily attract germs and create a perfect breeding ground for rust. For the best treatment, we first vacuum carpets to drive out dust, loose dirt and any potential germs. It is then that we will thoroughly wash it using shampoo to properly drive out elements of dirt, germs and even rust. Our carpet vacuum, wash with shampoo service can also effectively preserve your carpets in good condition for longevity.

Car Polishing

Car polishing is also a good grooming procedure that every vehicle requires after a short while. By polishing your car occasionally, you will be able to give it the perfect shine. The procedure mainly seeks to remove defects like, old car paint and wax residues from the surfaces, leaving a glossy finish. Our car polishing services will effectively restore the smooth texture of your vehicle for the best appeal.

Car Waxing

Car waxing offers proper cushioning to the clear coat of your vehicle. Besides, it is also an important car grooming service that can help in covering light blemishes and scratches on the body. Owing to the layer that is formed after car waxing, the paintjob of your car is accorded better protection against damage from light impacts. Our experts can provide the best car waxing services to keep your car in proper condition.

Paint Protection Treatment

The paintwork on your car is not only important in preserving the beauty of the car but, also the vehicle’s metallic components. However, it is exposed to various agents of damage ranging from road and environmental conditions, UV sun rays to birds droppings. Our car paint protection treatment services as an ideal repellent to all these vulnerabilities. This will also save you from huge car repair and maintenance costs.

Car Rims Wash & Tyre Shine

The car rims and tyres take most of the impacts of damage and, without proper grooming, they can easily wear out, causing you to perform repair and replacements frequently. Our car rims wash and tyre shine services provide the perfect grooming to preserve these important components in the best condition. Besides, the procedures will also lengthen the lifespan of your car rims and tyres for greater appeal and safety on the road.

Car Windscreen and Window Cleaning

The windscreen and windows are key elements of visibility that must always remain clean for the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users. We offer professional car windscreen and window cleaning services to effectively remove all forms of dirt, including stains. Our experts are well-equipped with safe and effective auto glass cleaning products as well as techniques to apply in every car.

Professional Car Grooming Services Singapore

In order to always get the best car grooming services Singapore, Car Grooming Singapore is the right place to visit. Do not hesitate to talk to us for the most dependable and affordable car grooming.