Car Rims Wash & Tyre Shine

Just like our shoes, the rims and tyres are an integral component of your car, which should be kept in the best working condition. Apart from bearing the weight of the car and its occupants, the rims and tyres are exposed to harsh environmental and road conditions. As a result of this, they usually get dirty and wear out fast if not well taken care of. Car rims wash and tyre shine is one of the recommended procedures for proper care and maintenance of these important components.

Although washing and shining car tyres and rims might sound like an easy task, it requires expertise. Car Grooming Singapore offers the best car rims wash and tyre shine services to save you all the stress. We can provide customized car rims wash and tyre shine to keep your vehicle looking good and, also in the best condition for greater performance. This will go a long way in boosting your confidence and safety on the road.

Benefits of Car Rims Wash and Tyre Shine

Some may argue that there is no need for car rims wash and tyre shine if their cars visit the car wash regularly. However, it should be noted that there are several parts of the vehicle like, inside of the rims and sidewalls of the tyres that are hidden and hardly reachable when cleaning the car. As a result of this, they are usually not effectively cleaned even if your car goes to the car wash frequently. The best way to ensure that all these crucial parts are also properly cleaned is through our specialized car rims wash and tyre shine.

Professional car rims wash and tyre shine is focused on all the parts, including hidden sections to remove accumulated dust, mud, grim as well as small grits or stones picked from the road. If mud and small stones are left stuck on the rims, they can create grounds for formation of rust. This could after sometime impact dents and greater damage to the rims, which might even end up in replacement. On the tyres, smaller grits can cause quick tear and wear.

If your car rims and tyres are washed and shined regularly, such risks can be easily evaded, leaving them clean, shiny and in the best condition. Besides, regular car rims wash and tyre shine will also help you to detect any hitches on these parts of the vehicle early enough. During washing and shining of the rims and tyres, we will be able to expose any faults or signs of imperfections so they are dealt with on time.  This could also help with reducing auto repair and maintenance costs.

Professional Car Rims Wash & Tyre Shine

In order to get your car’s rims washed and tyres shined properly, you need a professional to do the job. On your own or by visiting the car wash, there is usually very little that can be achieved. And, that is why you should always let our experts handle the work. We are confident in our ability to provide professional car rims wash and tyre shine services because of the following;

High quality car rims and tyre cleaning products

The car rims and tyres are made from materials that are quite different from other parts. Most people today install alloy rims or wheels, which bear combinations of aluminum, chrome and other metals. As a result of this, not just any ordinary cleaner can effectively work on them. We have a selection of safe and effective cleaners for different kinds of rims and wheels to deliver the best results.

Car tyres are made from rubber and, should also be properly brushed to remove build-up of dirt and protect them against imperfections and quick tear. For convenience, we use cleaners that are proven efficient on both car rims and tyres. After cleaning, we will rinse the rims and tyres with pressurized water. For the perfect finish, we will also shine your tyres for an outstanding appeal and better traction on the road.

Reliable and fast rims and tyre cleaning

The main reason most people usually ignore custom car rims wash and tyre shine is the assumption that it can take a lot of their precious time. One of the pillars of our business is convenience and, we always strive to meet diverse customer demands. We can deliver the best car rims wash and tyre shine services at your own convenience and fast. We provide tailor-made car grooming packages including, mobile, corporate, commercial and residential car grooming packages to enable you get the procedures at your pleasure.

Since all our operations are handled by experts and advanced cleaning equipment, we will never keep you waiting for long. Our professionals can deliver a good job in the shortest time so you are never delayed. And, you can always choose where and when you need the car rims and tyres to be cleaned.

Affordable Car Rims Wash and Tyre Shine

It is only with our company that you will enjoy regular and professional car rims wash and tyre shine at reduced prices. We offer custom car rims wash and tyre shine services that can be suited to your budget. For regular clients, you will be at a greater advantage of more impressive rates for additional savings. Despite the affordability of our car grooming services, you are always guaranteed quality workmanship on every procedure.

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At Car Grooming Singapore, you can now easily get professional car rims wash and tyre shine without making a single trip to an auto workshop. Our goal is to make it more convenient for every motorist in Singapore to acquire the best car grooming services.

Apart from professional car rims wash and tyre shine, we also offer car wash, carpet vacuum and wash with shampoo, car waxing, car polishing, paint protection treatment, windscreen and window cleaning. Our experts are just a call away and, will always attend to all your car grooming needs in the shortest period of time. Talk to us now for a free car rims wash & tyre shine quote!