Difference between Car Waxing, Car Sealant and Paint Protection Coating

According to most people, car waxing, car sealant and paint protection coating are the same thing. Generally, all these procedures fall under car grooming and, aimed at enhancing the appearance of the car’s external surfaces. However, you should take note that there are slight differences between car waxing, car sealant and paint protection coating. Without knowing the disparities, you can easily be tricked into a raw deal by auto detailing and grooming specialists.

Car Waxing

This is a procedure performed through the application of car wax onto the surfaces. Car wax usually comes in the form of pastes or liquids that can be applied by spreading on the car body to create a protective layer and shiny finish over the paintjob. However, the procedure does not end at just spreading the paste or liquid over the surfaces. The wax has to be properly rubbed and refined to give a smooth and glossy finish.

Due to the higher oil composition of natural oils in car wax, the application is quite easy. By choosing a high quality product and having a professional handle the application, car waxing can give your vehicle’s paintjob better protection for a period of between one to three months. Even though this can be a good protective measure against harsh environmental impacts on the paintwork, doing the procedure every three months might seem a bit costly to some motorists.

Car Sealant

Car paint sealants are manufactured with synthetic materials, resins and polymers, which makes them to look similar to car wax. However, car sealants are offered in liquid forms, offering better protection for relatively longer. The processes of applying car paint sealants is usually quite easy mainly because they exist in liquid form. Sometimes, you may also find car paint sealants that are labelled as, polish but, those are not always recommended.

An ideal car paint sealant provides molecular bonding with the paintwork to properly cushion it from damage. Sealants should blend in with the paintjob instead of forming a layer on top of it for effectiveness. In order to get the best results from applying car paint sealants, you should seek advice from a car grooming or detailing professional for help in choosing the most suitable product for your car. Unlike car waxes, sealants do not usually give a glossy finish.

Paint Protection Coating

Paint protection coatings are also synthetic but, do not look similar to car wax and sealants. In fact, even their applications are quite different. These coatings are usually much thinner, however, they last for a longer period of time than all other car paint protection products. Auto specialists say, professional paint protection treatment can last for up to five times longer. Some of the most commonly used coatings for car paintwork today include, EAD Diamond Foundation and EAD Titanium Coating.

The reason for the popularity of these products is their ease of application, ability to last longer and deliver a more shinny finish. Car paint protection treatment provides what some may refer to as, the second clear coat. This ensures maximum strength and better protection for your car’s paintjob. The best paint protection coating can always give your vehicle’s paintwork a longer lasting shell than even that of a new car.


It is undoubted fact that both car waxing, car sealant and paint protection coating play an important role in preserving the outlook and general condition of the car. However, there are slight variations on the level and lifespan of the protection that each of them can provide. And, that is why, you should never just rush into performing any of the procedures without knowing the recommended one for your vehicle and, also how to go about it.

Even though car waxing, sealant application and paint protection coating might seem easy to most people, it is not advisable to perform them if you are not sure of the best products to use and how they should be conducted. Finding an auto detailing or grooming professional is the most efficient and convenient alternative to effective car waxing, sealant application and paint protection coating.

An auto grooming expert will assist you in choosing the best car grooming option for preserving the paintjob of your vehicle. Besides, a professional will also perform the procedures to standard for outstanding results. In case you may need additional car grooming treatments, it is also through an expert that you can always get the best. Car Grooming Singapore is one of the professionals that you can always count on for reliable and affordable car grooming services.