Car Wax Frequency Recommendation

Car waxing is an important car care and maintenance procedure, which should be performed after every short while. Professional car wax can protect your vehicle from several elements of imperfections and blemishes on the body. Conducting the procedure regularly helps in protecting the body and other exterior features from damage by strong UV sun rays, rainwater, harmful car cleaning chemicals, bird droppings and road salt. Waxing the car is important in preserving its beauty and condition for better performance and re-sale value.

Owing to the numerous benefits of car waxing, many motorists today insist on having their vehicles undergo the treatment every once in a while. However, quite a number have often failed to achieve the desired results. One of the reasons for this experience is, most people do not know the right intervals or timing for car waxing. By knowing the most suitable frequency for the procedures, you will not only be able to keep the car looking good over time but, also avoid high costs of frequent maintenance and repair.

A professional auto grooming specialist will tell you that car waxing should be performed after every two to three months. Others will also propose the procedure every three months or four times a year. All these could be good schedules for waxing your car but, it should be noted that the frequency of the procedure usually depends on various factors.

In case your car is often parked in closed or sheltered areas where they are not exposed to most of the harsh environmental conditions highlighted above, it would be ideal to wax it at least every six months or twice a year. This interval is mainly recommended for cars that are rarely used and spend most of their time in the garage. The procedure can effectively provide a lasting coating to protect the paintjob.

For those whose cars are constantly used in various road conditions and parked outdoors in open spaces, it is recommended to wax after every three to four months. Although car waxing can cushion the exterior from harsh environmental impacts, the conditions may sometimes overwhelm the coating. And, that is why it is advisable to perform the procedure at least every three months. This ensures that the protective layer is reinforced before it starts to wear out.

If your car is frequently driven on poor roads with pot holes and rough terrain, the level of exposure to elements of damage is always quite higher.  As a result of this, you should never wait till three or four months to wax the car. The most efficient way to preserving the paintwork and condition of such a car’s exterior is monthly waxing. In fact, once a month is the best car wax frequency recommendation.

Car wax is not an ordinary driver’s job and should always be left to the experts for the best results. Car Grooming Singapore offers professional car waxing services that you can always rely on to effectively maintain the condition and improve the re-sale value of your car. Talk to us for the ultimate car grooming solutions Singapore.