Car Grooming Packages

Car grooming is an essential procedure aimed at ensuring proper care and maintenance of the vehicle. Although some people usually opt to do it independently, it is always important that you get an expert for the best car grooming. Our company offers comprehensive car grooming packages that can efficiently cater for all your needs. Despite the condition of your vehicle, we can perform customized grooming procedures to revive its beauty and performance.

At Car Grooming Singapore, we strive to provide diverse packages for both single as well as multiple car owners. With us, you no longer have to bother with any form of car grooming procedure since we have the expertise and tools to deliver the ultimate solutions. By hiring our company for car grooming, you will effortlessly enhance the appeal and lifespan of your vehicle for greater value.

Our Car Grooming Packages

Mobile Car Grooming

In case you often have tight work schedules that does not leave any time for grooming the car, our mobile car grooming services are the best pick. We have a team of experts equipped with all the tools and equipment for car grooming, which can be dispatched to work on your vehicle on-site. Whenever you  mobile car grooming package you are always free to choose the location where you want the vehicle to be groomed.

There are various car grooming services that we can provide on-the-go including, car wash with shampoo, carpet vacuum and cleaning, car paint protection treatment, war waxing, car polishing, car windscreen and window cleaning, car rims wash and tyre shine. Since we have all the products and equipment for the job, our experts can always deliver the best within a short time.

Residential Car Grooming

At Car Grooming Singapore, we understand that there are many people who do not often feel safe taking their cars to workshops for grooming. Therefore, we also provide residential car grooming packages that can be performed right inside your home. Whether you live in a HDB, landed property or high rise building, our professionals can always visit you to conduct the required procedures on your vehicle (s).

Our company has trusted car grooming experts who can always work on the vehicle even in your absence. Depending on your needs and the condition of the car, we can offer car wash with shampoo, car waxing, car polishing, carpet vacuuming and cleaning, paint protection treatment, car rims wash and tyre shine and, car windscreen and window cleaning. Our experts can always groom all the cars in your home in just a short period of time.

Corporate Car Grooming

Maintaining company cars has always been a challenge to most organizations. However, you can now achieve the best solutions with our corporate car grooming services. Our company can schedule and perform the best car grooming procedures for all your organization’s cars with greater convenience. Despite the number of cars, we have adequate resources to handle all without interfering with your operations.

Some of the main car grooming procedures that we can conduct on corporate cars include, car wash with shampoo, car waxing, car polishing, carpet cleaning, paint protection treatment, car rim wash and tyre shine, car windscreen and window cleaning. Through our corporate car cleaning services, your company will be able to save so much more on maintenance and repairs.

Commercial Car Grooming

Grooming commercial vehicles is always a headache to most people and companies that own such cars. Even if you have just a small fleet, grooming is a procedure that might seem costly in terms of time and money. However, it should be noted that keeping your fleet clean and looking good is a key attribute of business, which will also ensure the longevity of the vehicle. Instead of worrying about it, simply hire our commercial car grooming services.

Our company specializes in professional commercial car grooming services for PSVs and other business cars. In order to preserve the aesthetic appeal and performance of commercial cars, we offer various car grooming procedures including, car wash, paint protection treatment, car polishing, car waxing, carpet vacuuming and cleaning, car windscreen and window cleaning, car rims wash and tyre shine.

Order the Best Car Grooming Packages Singapore

Customer satisfaction is one of the main pillars of our company and, we are always willing to go the extra mile just to make sure that all your needs are met. Through our company, you can easily get the most suitable car grooming package for your car and fleet. In fact, there are greater advantages that come with obtaining a car grooming package from our company including;

Tailor-made Car Grooming Packages

Whether you have just one car or several of them, our company can always suggest and deliver customized car grooming package to revive its appearance and performance. Our goal is to provide the best procedures for your vehicle and expectations. And, we can always help you in choosing the most suitable car grooming package for your vehicle or fleet.

Diverse Car Grooming Services to Choose from

We tend to diversify our service portfolio so that you can always get comprehensive car grooming services regardless of the particular package that you choose. Apart from car wash, we can also provide car waxing, polishing, paint protection treatment, windscreen and window cleaning as well as carpet cleaning and rim wash and tyre shine.

Dependable Services

Whether you need mobile, residential, corporate or commercial car grooming, our company will always make sure that it is delivered at your convenience and fast. We have teams of professionals readily available to serve you at your time of need without any compromise. Besides, we can also plan and conduct the procedures on your own terms and schedule.

Affordable Car Grooming Packages

At Car Grooming Singapore, you are also guaranteed affordability in every package because, we have the most competitive rates in the industry. We can always deliver the best car grooming package for your budget.

Simply talk to us for professional, dependable and affordable car grooming packages Singapore.