Rainwater and your Car

According to most people, leaving the car in the rain helps in cleaning and reducing the number of trips to the car wash. Although this might seem convincing, it is a wrong argument that should be ignored in every sense. There are several dangers that your car can be exposed to when left on the rain or subjected to rainwater for a long period of time. This article looks into the relationship between rainwater and your car.

Why Rainwater is not good for your Car

Rainwater results from the condensation of moisture in the atmosphere, which falls in the form of droplets. This might make rainwater to appear safe and ideal for cleaning the car. However, that is not true. Rainwater usually collects several elements from the atmosphere, which makes the water impure. One of the key components of rainwater that can have greater impacts on your car is, contaminants or pollutants.

As the rain drops, it collects impurities from the air, which contribute acid rain. The contaminants can be in the form of minerals or other elements that will also be deposited on the car as the rain falls. Depending on the acidity of the rain, some of these pollutants can immediately or later on find their way into the paintwork. The longer the car stays under the rain, the higher the amount of contaminants deposited on the surfaces, causing the paintwork to start chipping off and cracking.

Acid rain will also leave traces of salt, which are the main causes of car rust. As a result of this, you may also start seeing smaller scratches and dents impacted by rust and corrosion. After the rain has stopped, rainwater will after some time evaporate, leaving behind the contaminants. These will also create watermarks on the surfaces. In case the car is not properly cleaned after the rain, these water marks can build-up creating stains and hardened dirt on the car windscreen, windows and other external features.

Generally, there are three main impacts of rainwater on cars, which always makes it a bad idea to leave your car in the rain if there is an indoor or sheltered space. As discussed above, constant exposure of your car to rainwater can lead to the cracking, chipping and peeling off of the paintwork. Besides, rainwater can also create a build-up of tough stains that might prove very hard to clean. Rust and corrosion are also significant effects of rainwater on cars, which usually spread quite fast if not fixed immediately.

Whenever your car experiences any of these hitches, finding the best solution can be very challenging and, also costly. In fact, having the car fixed could cost you a lot of money in terms of auto parts repair and maintenance. In some cases, you may even be forced to do a new paintjob to the entire car, which is not usually cheap.

How to Protect your Car against Impacts of Rainwater

After knowing some of the consequences of leaving your car in the rain for long, it is advisable to also look into some of the suitable remedies. In case rainfall catches up with you on traffic, there is usually not much that you can do to protect your car from rainwater at the moment. But, there are recommended procedures that you can perform to cushion it from the effects of rainwater. One of the best protections against impacts of rainwater is professional car paint protection treatment.

If your car undergoes proper paint protection treatment as required, you will be able to effectively avoid several elements of damage to the paintwork like, contaminants and pollutants. As a result of this, your car’s appearance will be preserved over a longer period of time. Besides, the procedure will also help you avoid frequent car repairs.

Apart from car paint protection treatment, it is also advisable to always perform car wash with shampoo after driving on rainy conditions. Pressure washing is the best to ensure that all the impurities deposited on the car are all wiped off, leaving the surfaces smooth and shiny. Remember, simply wiping the car body will not effectively remove all the contaminants. Always visit a car wash with shampoo for outstanding results.

Car waxing can also be a good option for protecting your car against the impacts of rainwater. In order to give your vehicle the best protection against effects of rainwater, it is important to always seek professional car grooming services. Car Grooming Singapore offers the best car grooming packages that you should try.