Everything you need to Know about Car Paint Protection

Car paint protection is a recommended procedure for improving the appeal of the vehicle and, also preserving the paintwork in the best condition. Compared to other car grooming services, paint protection treatment is one of the most challenging, which you cannot effectively perform without the expertise, required tools and products. Although it may seem simple to most people, the treatment is an elaborate exercise that you should never attempt on your own if you are not sure of how to go about it.

There are various elements of car paint protection treatment that you should know in order to get the best results from the procedure. By knowing these elements, you can easily learn how to do a perfect job. Besides, it will also help you in telling whether the work has been performed to standard in the event that you hire someone to do it. The following are some of the basics of car paint protection treatment that you should know;

What is Car Paint Protection?

Car paint protection is a process that involves the application of an effective coating to cover the paintwork. Whenever it is applied, it forms a sacrificial shell to prevent the paintwork from impacts of light blemishes caused by scratches, harmful chemicals, birds’ droppings and cracks. Depending on the type of coating used and how it is applied, good car paint protection can remain embedded onto the paintwork for a very long time even with regular car cleaning. The coating is able to properly withstand rainwater, UV sun rays as well as chemicals from seeping into the paintwork.

Which is the best Car Paint Protection Product?

Today, there are various brands and types of car paint protection products or paint sealants that you can choose from for your car. However, most of these products have been proven to contain harsh chemicals, which could easily damage the paintwork of your car over time. Some auto workshops and motorists usually use car wax for paint protection. Although car waxing will preserve the shine of your car, it could cause quick wear to the paintwork.

One of the best paint protection treatment is car glass coating. This is performed using a special kind of paint sealant with glass plexin and silica, which forms a tough and transparent shell. Car paint coatings with these components are ideal because, they can easily blend in with the paintwork and also last longer. This ensures the paintjob is effectively cushioned from harsh environmental conditions and oxidation to keep it looking great.

A car grooming professional can help you in choosing the most suitable paint coating for your vehicle.

How Car Paint Coating is applied

The way in which paint coating is applied usually has a lot to do with its ability to protect the paintwork. Before the treatment is done, it is recommended to properly clean the car to remove dirt and stains that could hinder the coating from bonding with the paint. Besides, it is also advisable to remove any loose waxes from the surfaces where it will be applied. Applying the paint protective coating over car wax and other impurities will only break it down, preventing it from providing an effective layer.

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, paint protection treatment can be done on all the surfaces or selected parts of the car. The application requires a special tool for an even and smooth finish. A professional will know the right amount of sealant to apply and how to effectively rub it to a glossy finish. On your own, there are many mistakes that you can make during the application process, which could cause serious imperfections. That is one of the reasons it is always advisable that you let a professional handle your car’s paint protection treatment.

When Should Car Paint Protection Treatment be performed?

Unlike several other car grooming procedures, car paint protection treatment is not a procedure that can be done daily. The procedure is recommended for both new and old cars. Sometimes, most new cars undergo paint protection treatments before they are handed over to the buyers. However, you should never take the word of a dealer for it. When buying a new car, it is advisable to visit a car grooming professional for proper paint protection treatment to preserve its integrity.

For an old car, professional car paint protection treatment can help you in reviving its appeal and keeping it in the best condition. In order to know the most suitable schedule for conducting paint protection treatment to your car, always rely on Car Grooming Singapore for the job and advise.