Commercial Car Grooming

Unlike private cars, commercial vehicles usually attract a lot of dirt easily and fast considering they are frequently used by different people and, also in handling several kinds of goods. Vehicles used on long distance trips are even be exposed to greater threats of tear and wear  without proper care and maintenance. As an organization, keeping your fleet appealing and clean will not only preserve their lifespan but, also portray the company in a good light.

The best way to ensure that the appearance and cleanliness of your fleet is maintained is through professional commercial car grooming. And, Car Grooming Singapore is the most ideal auto specialist to rely on for these procedures. We can help you keep a good company image while also preserving your vehicles in proper working condition. Besides, our car grooming services will also help you avoid frequent and costly fleet repairs.

We offer commercial car grooming packages on very flexible schedules for convenience. Depending on the type of cars on your fleet, where and how they are used, our experts will advise on the most suitable schedules for grooming. This will assist with keeping the vehicles clean, early diagnosis of potential hitches and maintenance of the integrity of the entire fleet. Besides, professional car grooming will also ensure smooth business operations for improved productivity.

Why Choose our Commercial Car Grooming Package

Whether you own just a small fleet or larger one, keeping them clean and in good shape is an important step towards making your business more sustainable. This is because of the numerous benefits that you will be able to enjoy whenever you acquire a commercial car grooming package from our company including;

Professional Car Grooming Services

At Car Grooming Singapore, we are always very keen on the quality of service for greater customer satisfaction. We have trained car grooming experts with experience on the job to always make sure that you get the best results in every procedure. Besides, our company has invested in customized car grooming equipment to enable us perform tasks more effectively and fast.

We have a comprehensive car grooming services portfolio and, this has enabled us to always deliver tailor made solutions to several organizations. The main car grooming procedures that you can attain with our commercial car grooming package include;

Apart from these, we can also perform car windscreen and window cleaning, paint treatment protection among others. Our goal is to see to it that you can always get the right grooming procedures for every vehicle in your fleet. And, the treatments can also be customized to the conditions of the cars as well as your needs. By choosing our commercial car grooming package, you can be sure that your fleet will be accorded the best.

Saves you Time and Money

Owing to the busy schedules of commercial vehicles, most companies hardly find time to conduct car grooming. And, this usually ends up in frequent visits to car repair workshops, which is very costly. With a dedicated car grooming expert like us, you can always have the vehicles undergo the required procedures at your convenience and fast to ensure that operations are not in any way affected.

Our company can always schedule and conduct all the car grooming procedures right on your premises or wherever you wish. With this flexibility, you will never experience downtime simply because the fleet is undergoing grooming. On the other hand, obtaining a commercial car grooming package will also help you save a lot of money in terms of operational costs. We offer competitive rates for regular as well as new customers.

Since our car grooming procedures are tailored to the needs of every client and conditions of their fleet, you can always get the best deal for your budget. The quality of our services is also a guarantee that your fleet will be maintained in proper working condition for longer. This will enable your business to avoid inflated costs of car repair and maintenance.

Highly Reliable car grooming

There are several elements of reliability in our commercial car grooming package. By relying on our company, you will never be kept waiting once you request car grooming procedures. We have various teams of experts that can always attend to you on short notice. Even if you need urgent car grooming procedures, we can always send a team to serve you in the shortest period of time. In this way, you will also be able to meet the needs of your customers.

Through our commercial car grooming package, you can also be able to keep a clear record of your fleet for easy reference. Some car grooming procedures like, car wash are usually done regularly but, there are also others conducted either weekly, monthly or quarterly. Whenever you leave the task to us, we always keep a record of every vehicle, including the specific procedures done as well as dates when they are performed. And, these records can always be submitted to you on request for reference.

Hire Professional Commercial Car Grooming Singapore

Hiring different entities to handle the grooming of your commercial vehicles is always very expensive and inconvenient. That is why you should always find a professional that can provide all the required procedures under one roof. At Car Grooming Singapore, we can make sure that you are able to get all the grooming treatments that your vehicles need at once without being referred to another workshop.

We have adequate professionals for the job and, this has enabled us to always meet diverse customer demands in the car grooming industry. Our personnel have a better understanding of common and complex car grooming treatments and, also the right products to apply for outstanding results. We always strive to give each vehicle a unique approach for personalized car grooming.

Compared to the past whereby one had to visit a variety of car grooming workshops before finding the best, you can now easily order professional commercial car grooming Singapore with just a single phone call.