Cockroaches in Car: How to Get Rid of Them

Even by visiting the car wash regularly, cockroaches can still easily find their way into your car. Considering there are several hidden and dark parts of the car, cockroaches can always find greater comfort. In case your car is invaded by cockroaches, you will never feel comfortable. Apart from the distractions and health impacts of cockroach infestation, they can also destroy parts of the car. Cockroaches can eat up the upholstery, cut wires and make the car interior to look very untidy.

In most occasions, you may not easily see the cockroaches during the day since they usually like dark places. However, you can see maybe one or two roaches from time to time. On the other hand, you should also be on the lookout for their eggs to determine their presence in the car. These can be spotted on corners of the seats, other parts of the upholstery as well as cracks across the car body and interior. Even a small cockroach is a sign of the pest’s invasion and, should never be ignored.

Whenever your car is infested by cockroaches, it is always advisable to seek effective and immediate pest treatment. There are various treatments and products for controlling cockroaches that can be used in getting rid of the pests. However, it should be noted that not just any of them can deliver the best results. Besides, effective cockroach control treatment process also requires one with proper knowledge on how it is done.

The following are some of the recommended approaches to getting rid of cockroaches in your car;

Professional pest fumigation

Compared to most pests, cockroaches are very resilient and, this is one of the reasons most people have not been able to effectively control them in their cars. Roaches can withstand numerous anti-pest control measures including, chemicals. As a result of this, fumigation is the most suitable pest control procedure that can easily wipe them out. For the best pest fumigation, you will need to visit a professional auto grooming workshop.

Although various products can be used in fumigation, it is always advisable to apply biodegradable products. The benefit of bio degradable products is, they can effectively kill cockroaches without causing any harm to the occupants of the car and environment. During fumigation, the chemical is released under high pressure that also helps in vacuuming all hidden areas. Therefore, it will also remove dead cockroaches and destroy their breeding grounds.


Whenever cockroaches invade your car, there are higher chances of the existence of other pathogens and parasites like, bacteria. These may not always be driven out during fumigation. That is why it is also recommended that the car is sanitized after fumigation. A good auto grooming company will use safe and effective sanitization products to preserve the hygiene of your car interior.

Anti-odor treatment

Cockroaches usually produce bad smell from their droppings and dead cells, which can make your car very uncomfortable. Besides, fumigation and sanitization procedures are done using various kinds of chemicals. Despite their safety, their smells could leave you sneezing in every step of the way. Therefore, it is important that the car is also given an anti-odor treatment to freshen up the interior. In case your car has a working ac, the treatment should be done while the ac is running for a lasting impact.

Other Ways of Dealing with Cockroach Infestation in Cars

The procedures discussed above are usually the most efficient since they can be easily performed by an expert without putting you through a lot of hassles. However, there are also other measures that you can pursue in order to get rid of cockroaches from your car. The following are some of the additional cockroach control measures that you can try out;

  • Placing cockroach baits and traps at strategic parts of the car
  • Vacuuming the car interior daily
  • Spraying boric acid, vinegar or citric on potential cockroach breeding grounds

Although these procedures can also drive out cockroaches from your car, they should be done consistently and effectively since most roach varieties can easily withstand them. In case you are not sure of the best approach, it is always advisable to take the car to a professional for anti-cockroach treatment. In fact, a professional is the best option since it will ensure that the procedure is done correctly to prevent further cockroach invasion.

At Car Grooming Singapore, we offer professional car grooming services that can help you to effortlessly keep your car clean and in the best condition for longer.